Nicola Samorì

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There are no words!  Thank you Tom from San Diego for crafting this little weirdo. 

ending my tumblr hiatus to URGE you to check out the screaming females and marvel at tiny li’l marissa paternoster shredding like a fucking 40-foot tall guitar demon. go. listen right now.

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i hope we never have this halloween ever, outside of a dream

i hope we never have this halloween ever, outside of a dream

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when i was growing up my mom never bought me the newest cool video game systems, it was always “wait for your birthday” or “we’ll see what your next report card looks like” well THANKS A LOT MOM

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hello, friends.

last year i helped write “HELL NO.” it is a funny short film about horror movies. this year, i got to watch this movie with audiences at the SXSW and Fantasia film festivals, which was cool enough to penetrate even my withered pleasure sensors. you should watch it.

(if you die seven days after seeing it, make sure a friend or family member passes that info along to me, because that would be a fucking badass coincidence and i’d want to know about it.)

your pal,